Families First Oct/Nov 2012 : Page 2

Because caring for children means knowing that they are perfect…. ….even when they are not. Traverse Area Pediatric & Adolescent Clinic 4020 W. Royal Drive TC ● (231) 421-8099 ● www.traverseareapediatrics.com Luann Labian M.D., Sarah Mulder M.D., Jennifer Schell D.O., Karla Smith M.D. well child and adolescent care ● newborn care ● complimentary prenatal consultations ● on site immunizations and developmental screening ● care of medically complex children ● adolescent gynecology ● diagnosis and management of ADHD, depression & anxiety ● asthma evaluation and management ● evening and Saturday hours ● electronic health records ● same day sick visits 2 • Families First Monthly • October/November 2012

Traverse Area Pediatric And Adolescent Clinic