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All About Animals

Susan Gibbons 2017-04-05 03:32:09

Adorable is the definition of the wool pet sculptures created by artists Sally Thompson and Karin Fish. These unique creations stand approximately five inches in height and can be custom-tailored to match a photo of your beloved pet, whether a dog, cat, bird, or other. In fact, these one-of-a-kind sculptures can be created in certain poses like sitting, sleeping, or sitting up. Thompson and Fish not only capture a pet’s likeness, but personality as well. The sculptures are the perfect gift for a pet lover, for a remembrance, or just for plain fun, because you absolutely love your pet! Pet replicas are made by wrapping wool around a wire armature, making them poseable. They are then sculpted into shape with a barbed needle. Eyes and noses are felted from wool or sculpted from glass beads or clay. Karin was the first to experiment sculpting with wool. “I adore wool,” she exclaims. “As a knitter I love the feel of wool in my hands. I also love that it’s a natural fiber. Nature and animals inspire me. Wool sculpts easily and the opportunities to create and embellish are endless!” Sally saw all the creations that Karin had made and was curious about how she could turn a clump of wool into something so wonderful. “Since Karin is my neighbor and my friend, I decided to ask her how she made these great creations. Karin replied to me, ‘Why don’t you come over and I can start you out making a snowman.’ I took her up on that offer and created my first snowman,” relates Sally. “When I realized the basic principles of taking bits of wool and various felting needles used for differing outcomes, then stabbing it into a shape that you want, I was hooked!” Sally was the one who came up with the pet replicas. “After Karin had shown me how to make a mouse and other animals, I wondered if I could make a wool sculpture of one of my dogs,” explains Sally, who has three Bichon Frises. “At first I was overwhelmed, but with her patience and my eagerness to learn, I created my first Bichon!” Sally posted her wool mini Bichon on her Facebook page and all her dog-loving friends wanted one, too. “I started getting so many orders! I had to start a waiting list,” enthuses Sally, who has over 1,000 Facebook friends. “Someone started asking about other breeds and I felt in over my head with orders. I asked Karin if she would be willing to help.” The team has been making the pet sculptures for close to three years and with their popularity, orders have yet to slow! It takes approximately five days to complete a sculpture, but at times the waiting list has been as long as four months, so the duo encourages customers to plan ahead for Christmas and holiday gifts. The team also creates seasonal items like pumpkins and Santas, as well as offering a variety of other items like pet magnets and brooches. Susan Gibbons has been a Northern Michigan freelance writer since 1999. Susan also owns Sara’s Legacy Pet Sitters, offering professional, loving care in your home. She shares a home with Danni, a 10-year old black lab mix and Woody, a tuxedo cat. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: facebook.com/woolcraftdesigns or facebook.com./randomactsoffiber. Contact Karin Fish at: pet.fish.fibers@gmail.com or Sally Thompson at mchgnwtr@aol.com Karin also has an Etsy Shop: Random Acts Of Fibre

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