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Michigan Announces 2015 Scholarship Programs The American Legion supports the youth of Michigan Every year The American Legion Department of Michigan provides op-portunities to Legion, Auxiliary, Sons of the Legion, war-time Veterans, and their descendents to win scholarship money. Scholarship awards range from $250 to $20,000. In today’s economic climate help with the rising cost of education is welcome. Two of our scholarship programs are open to ALL Michigan residents. Learning by Doing The American Legion believes in the youth of American, they are our fu-WXUHOHDGHUV7KH1DWLRQDO6FKRODUVKLSSURJUDPVVHHNWR¿QGZHOOURXQGHG youth who want to learn about how government works, through our Boys Nation and Girls Nation programs; our oratorical contest encourages the reading and presenting a speech on the United States Constitution. Boys State Learn Government by doing The Michigan Legion offers several scholarships on the Department level. Five of the scholarships require the applicant be a descendant of a war-time veteran or Legion Family member. Two are open to all Michigan residents. Awards range from $500 to $20,000 We have several ranges of scholarships, from $500 for our marksman award in the Michigan State Police Student Trooper program, to $20,000 from the Samsung Scholarship award through the Boys/Girls Nation pro-gram. Do you know high school students, family, or friends who have students needing money for college? Does your Post participate in any of the School Scholarship programs? These programs offer a great opportunity to show the community that we support them. As a Legionnaire do you know a high school student who ZRXOGEHQH¿WIURPWKHVHSURJUDPV" Get your Post involved Sponsor a young man and young lady to Boys State and Girls State, as well as , sponsoring one to Student Trooper. These are great experiences for the young people. It helps them see a different world, learn by doing, and make new friends. Learn more at www.michiganlegion.org/scholarships Scholarships • • • • Boys/Girls State -participants who are descendents of war-time veter-ans could win a $1000 and/or a $20,000 scholarship Guy Wilson Scholarship – descendents of war-time veterans could win a $500 scholarship William D. & Jewell Brewer Scholarship -descendents of war-time veterans could win a $500 scholarship Oratorical Contest – Students compete for $800-$1500 on the Depart-ment (State) level and up to $18,000 if they proceed to the National competition. Michigan State Police Student Trooper – Students could win 1 -$1000 or 1 of 3 $500 awards Eagle Scout of the Year – A Eagle Scout associated with the American Legion could win a $1,000 scholarship from the Dept. of Michigan and a $10,000 National scholarship The American Legion Baseball Scholarship – Members of Legion sponsored baseball teams have the opportunity to win one of several national awards. The American Legion Department of Michigan Robert Turner Baseball Scholarship -Members of Michigan Legion sponsored baseball teams have the opportunity to win a $500 scholarship. EXTRA EXTRA T HE A MERICAN L EGION D EPARTMENT OF M ICHIGAN War-Time Service Dates US Army, Navy Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine Service from December 7, 1941 -August 15, 1945 No Return Postage Requested OCTOBER 2014 Persian Gulf -August 2, 1990 -Cessation of hostilities, as deter-mined by US Govenment Panama ...........December 20, 1989 -January 31, 1990 Grenada/Lebanon .. August 24, 1982 -July 31, 1984 Vietnam War ...... February 28, 1961 -May 7, 1975 Korean War ..... June 25, 1950 -January 31, 1955 World War II ...... December 7, 1941 -December 31, 1946 World War I ..........April 6, 1917 -November 11, 1918 • • • •

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