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2012 Costume Licensing List Pee-Wee Herman: costumes Pirates of the Caribbean: hats, accessories Rainbow Brite: costumes Sleeping Beauty: hats, accessories Snow White: hats, accessories Spy vs. Spy: costumes Steam Works: costumes Tangled: tiaras Tinker Bell: hats, accessories Toy Story: hats, accessories Where’s Waldo: costumes Winnie the Pooh: hats, accessories Forum Novelties American Horror Story: costumes, masks Annoying Orange: costumes, masks Cheech & Chong: costumes and kits Einstein: kits Little Orphan Annie: costumes, wigs Rocky Horror Picture Show: costumes, wigs, makeup Universal Studios Collector Edition Monster Masks: masks Leg Avenue Alvin & The Chipmunks: children’s costumes American McGee’s Alice: adult costumes Flashdance: adult costumes Grease: adult costumes NBA: adult costumes Top Gun: costumes Rasta Imposta 3 Musketeers: costumes A Christmas Story Movie: costumes Barney: costumes Blow Pops: costumes Butterfinger: costumes Caddyshack: costumes Campbell’s Soups: costumes Chiquita Banana: costumes/pet costumes Coca Cola: adult costumes Colt 45: costumes, novelty hats, pet costumes Count Chocula: costumes Crayola: costumes, pet costumes, wigs, eyelashes, hosiery, novelty hats Dumb and Dumber: costumes Frankenberry: costumes Fun Dip: costumes Green Giant: costumes Hamburger Helper: costumes Gumby & Pokey: costumes, novelty hats, pet costumes Leg Avenue elope Inc. Harlem Globetrotters: costumes Heinz Ketchup: costumes, pet costumes Heinz Mustard: Costumes, pet costumes Heinz Relish: costumes, pet costumes Hostess Cupcakes: costumes In The Night Garden: costumes Jeff Dunham: costumes Laffy Taffy: costumes LazyTown: costumes Lucky Charms: costumes M&M’s: costumes Magic 8 Ball: costumes Mattel Games: costumes Milky Way: costumes Nerds: costumes Old Milwaukee: costumes, novelty hats, pet costumes Peanuts: costumes Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots: costumes 48 | March 2012 | www.partypaper.com

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