Observer — july 29, 2011
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The Fabulous Sarah Bernhardt Stars At The Red Barn Theatre

Arguably the most famous and talented actress in theater history lives again on the Red Barn Theater stage July 30 and 31 as Carol Dunitz stars in the one-woman musical ‘Bernhardt on Broadway.’

Set in the 1890s when Sarah Bernhardt - the world’s first superstar - was at the height of her powers, the musical, written and performed by Dunitz, is an expose about a woman who overcame every obstacle to achieve unheard of worldwide fame.

Show times are 8 p.m. on July 30 and 2 p.m. on July 31.

Duniz, who has a doctorate in Speech Communication and Theater, read more than 80 books as well as countless articles before starting work on the play.

She wrote all 12 songs featured in ‘Bernhardt’ and, according to one expert, “captures the essential characgter of Sarah Bernhardt and serves up the divine spirit of the woman and artist with toe-tapping tunes.”

Bernhardt practically created celebrity product endorsements and hobnobbed with royalty on a regular basis.

She starred in ‘Queen Elizabeth,’ the first full-length silent film, and traveled the globe peforming 150 parts with her own theater company to rapturous crowds from Australia to Brazil, Russia to Canada.

She toured extensively in the United States performing before knowledgeable audiences that included such luminaries as Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain.

In this production, Dunitz practically inhabits the spirit of Bernhardt and forthrightly addresses the audience to reveal all her foibles and charm.

“All my research enabled me to develop a very clear picture of Sarah Bernhardt and the demons that drove her to persist” against all odds.

Dunitz is uniquely qualified to carry off this achievement as a scholar and performer who has been writing music since she was nine.

Admission is $25 for adults. Special group rate is $20 for 15 or more. Reservations are encouraged and may be made by calling the box office (269) 857-5300 or by email at

Tickets may also be purchased at The Red Barn, 3657 63rd St. at Blue Star Highway,a quartermile east of Exit 41 off US I-196.